Our top priority is your security and the confidentiality of your information.

That’s why all our Reviewers have signed a Contract of Services, which includes NDA and more, this puts your code and conversations in safe hands. You have full control of what you share with our Reviewers and for how long. We do not store any of your information as it is all accessed through third-party application such as Github.

We also thoroughly screen all the Reviewers in our platform and require at least two independent recommendations before on-boarding them. Our Reviewers are all based in the European Economic Area, this is so that we can enforce the contract in a court of law if needed.

All of our Reviewers have undergone the following process:

  • Person to person interviews with Devsharks human resources
  • Multiple code tests
  • LinkedIn profile verification
  • GitHub profile verification

Our systems are hosted in data centers managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS). For more information about Amazon’s security measures, see