About us

About the Company

Devsharks cares deeply about code quality. Our objective is to help teams produce high-quality code in a fast and efficient way.

Skilled software engineers are in high demand and accessing their talent is hard. Using recruitment firms to find them is expensive and so is hiring them.

We believe in combining human reviewers with tooling and AI to maximise value and output. We help teams ship code faster and with a reduced lifecycle cost.

Based in Stockholm and London, Devsharks was founded in July 2018.


About our Reviewers

Devsharks connects our reviewers, top-tier software engineers, to our customers. Assignments are created to specify what is needed in a well-defined and time-limited project.

Our reviewers have proven track records and can help with:

  • Code reviews / Pull requests
  • Architectural decisions
  • Platform due diligence
  • Support your in-house team